Hot Offer – Personal Website in Just $100

Hot Offer – Personal Website in Just $100

Hot Offer – Personal Website in Just $100

Do you need a fast cheap website? Do you want to start your own blog with your own domain name? Do you need a quick website for a business project or to establish an online presence for yourself, or your small business or organization?

The $100 package includes:

Installation of either Joomla or Drupal as a website management system.
Installation of a large toolset of customized editors, plugins, and modules.
1 year of updates to the website management system, to maintain it's security.
Installation of up to 5 themes, or web designs, from the open theme libraries.
Basic instructions and assistance in operating your new website.
Easy Paypal payment

There are some restrictions that apply to the $100 website offer:

New websites only - if you have an existing website, contact us for inexpensive hosting and website services. It might end up costing you less than $100 per year anyway, because we wont have to do as much setup and advising.

Normal traffic level websites only - if your website is designed for massive traffic, I can still help you, but can't give you a $100 website.

The cost of your domain name & Hosting is not included in the $100 account. If you need assitance is getting a domain name or hosting, kindly suggest us we will suggest you free of cost

And most importantly. this package does not include the CONTENT of your website, the writing and pictures you want your visitors to see. The website package we give you will let you add your own content at your own pace. If you want a website that includes content, that is, if you want us to write and create the content for your website, we can do that, but that is not included in the $100 website.

Because there can be so much variation in websites, we do have to reserve the right to rescind the 100 dollar website offer if we look at your project and decide that it is too complex or inherently expensive to justify the $100 website package. In that case your money will be refunded. However, if we do tell you that you don't qualify, we're not going to leave you hanging, We'll do our best to advise you how to get the website you want, and if we can to offer an alternative package of website services and hosting for the Central Pa area.

The bottom line is, we want to help you get your website up, and we want you to be happy with your website, and we're going to work with you to make sure that happens.

Please let us know following questions to inquire about a $100 website package.

I will need to know the following:

Do you already own a domain name / hosting ? If so, what is it?

If you don't own a domain name, will you need help getting one?

When do you want the website to start operating on the internet?
Give me a description of the websites purposes and goals, so that I can advise you.
I will try to give you what useful advice that I can. Call (+91) 7004835930 or write to for more information.