All Drupal Release and its PHP version support

Drupal VersionMinimum PHP VersionMaximum PHP VersionNotes
Drupal 7PHP 5.2.5PHP 7.3With patches, some sites run on PHP 7.4.
Drupal 8PHP 5.5.9PHP 7.3Drupal 8.6+ requires PHP 7.0+. Drupal 8 EOL in November 2021.
Drupal 9PHP 7.3PHP 8.xDrupal 9.1+ introduced support for PHP 8.
Drupal 9 (latest releases)PHP 7.3PHP 8.1It’s advisable to check for specific 9.x release compatibility with PHP 8.1+

Important Notes:

  • Drupal 7: While officially supporting up to PHP 7.3, there are community-contributed patches for Drupal 7 to run under PHP 7.4. Official support for Drupal 7 was extended to November 2023, after which it enters the Vendor Extended Support (VES) phase.
  • Drupal 8: Reached its end of life (EOL) on November 2, 2021. It’s highly recommended to upgrade to Drupal 9 for continued support and compatibility with newer PHP versions.
  • Drupal 9: Started with PHP 7.3 as the minimum requirement and added support for PHP 8 in the 9.1 release. For the latest information on PHP 8.1+ support, refer to the specific Drupal 9.x release notes or the Drupal project website, as compatibility can vary between minor versions.
  • Future PHP Versions: The information provided is current as of my last update. For projects under active development or PHP versions released after that time, check the official documentation and release notes for the most up-to-date compatibility information.
  • Testing is Crucial: Always thoroughly test your Drupal site on a development or staging environment when upgrading PHP versions to identify and resolve any compatibility issues before applying changes to a production environment.