[ERR] The Android emulator exited with code -1073741819 after startup [ERR] Android emulator stderr:[ERR] [12084:15220:20240427,175914.017:ERROR filesystem_win.cc:130] GetFileAttributes

I am just faced this issue in my windows machine. Nothing was worked. I am wasted my two days to solve this error but no result. Then I just try this solution And boom It worked.

You just need to Create the file ~/.android/advancedFeatures.ini (for Windows users path should be C:\Users\sourav\.android\advancedFeatures.ini) with the following content:

# Here's how to disable Vulkan apps to talk to the emulator.

# Add the following lines to ~/.android/advancedFeatures.ini (create this file if it doesn't exist already):

Vulkan = off
GLDirectMem = on