The Blog List Are Given Below :-

2.JavaScript Comments
3.JavaScript Variables and Types
4.JavaScript Arrays
5.JavaScript Array Methods
6.JavaScript Operators
7.JavaScript Condition Conditioncondition/
8.JavaScript Loops
9.Java Objects
10.JavaScript Function
11.JavaScript Pop-up Boxes
12.Arrow Function in JavaScript
13.Map, Reduce and Filter Method in JavaScript
14.Sort, forEach, findIndex, join methods in JavaScript
15.What is Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript?
16.Promises in JavaScript
17.Async and Await in JavaScript
18.Object Oriented JavaScript
19.Destructuring in JavaScript
20.Function Context in JavaScript
21.setTimeout(), setInterval() in JavaScript
22.Error Handling in JavaScript
23.DOM in JavaScript
24.Element Selectors in JavaScript
25.Events in JavaScript
26.Event Handler in JavaScript
27.Error “require ext-curl” in ubuntu command composer update or install
28.Error “require ext-xml” in ubuntu command composer update or install
29.index.php page call outside of the public folder in Laravel project
30.What is React
31.DOM(Document Object Model)
32.Virtual DOM V/S Real DOM
33.Exports in React.js
34.Components in React.js
35.Import in React.js
36.Props in React.js
37.State in React.js
38.setState() in React.js
39.Hooks in React.js
40.useEffect, useRef, useCallback hooks in React.js
41.componentDidMount, componentDidUpdate, and componentWillUnmount in React.js
42.Rendering in React.js
43.React Router
44.Use of LocalStorage in React Application
45.Handling API calls in React Application
46.How to create a form in React.js
47.What is Flutter?
48.Start building Flutter Android apps on Windows
49.Flutter First Application
50.Dart Programming Language
51.What is widgets in Flutter?
52.Problem :- after deploy Laravel project only “/” route is working other route is not working on route.php file