Link Building

Link Building

Link Building

Link building is an essential tool for a better search engine optimization. Link building can increase the visibility of your website which can lure major search engines towards your website. If you plan a strategic link building then this can lead you to the top search page ranking faster than any other SEO services. In very simplistic terms, link building refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. Other related sites consider your website worthy to link. So, search engines also consider your website important and popular. This helps your website to acquire top rank in major search pages.

Link building is an important factor for increasing visibility of your website. It is a cost effective way of promoting your website link. But link building should not be performed just for utilizing a particular tool.

We at cmsGalaxy understand the value of link building. Hence our dedicated link building team builds a trusted link neighborhood for your website. We don’t believe in exchanging random links rather we exchange links with worthy websites which can benefit your business. Creativity is the key for our link building program. Link building is constructing a long time relationship so we are agile while choosing appropriate link partners for your website.

cmsGalaxy believes in creating progressive link building.We think widely and wisely while searching websites for link exchange. Our strategic link exchange programs follow all the important rules of link building.

Link Popularity :Google, Yahoo and other major search engines use an algorithm which calculates the value of a web page based on its number of incoming links, relevancy and page rank of those incoming links, outgoing links, page content and meta info. The PR is defined from PR1 to PR10 with 10 being the best. Google bases their rankings almost 85% on links alone and with Yahoo and AOL using Google's rankings; you can understand how important links really are these days.

cmsGalaxy will work on getting you linked with quality, complementary sites. This will improve your position in the top search engines and Internet directories by increasing your link popularity.

The search engines take into account the amount of times a keyword is searched on. The more popular a keyword is that describes your business, the more points you gain for having good keywords. Once all of the criteria are looked at, the points are added up and in a nutshell, this determines your page rank. The higher your page rank, the higher you are listed in the engine.

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