Management Team

Management Team

cmsGalaxy Management

Founder : Capt. Augustine J Joseph

A leading Entrepreneur, ex-Air Force pilot, Commercial Pilot and Pilot Examiner, with over 23 years of professional background as an effective business leader. He started his career as an officer and Pilot in the Air Force and was selected by the Government to hold several key positions in the Air Force and to lead several strategic, missions as a pilot and mission commander. He has led numerous missions as a helicopter rescue pilot for disaster rescues, mountain, flood, earth quake, fire and off shore rescues. Augustine holds Masters degrees in Business-Strategic management, Business Leadership and in Aviation Sciences. He has lived and worked in USA, Asia, Europe, Pacific Islands, South America and extensively travelled around the world for both work and pleasure. After his Air force career, he started his entrepreneurial career in 1996 and has since managed and owned several corporate businesses. His approach in life, to be usefully productive to the community by creating positive sustainable systems, has a lot to do with the conception of this company. After his work day at SurgeryPlanet, he is often found at the local airport with planes or helicopters his passion or at the Gym with his friends or family. Augustine is actively involved in many social and environmental causes and has founded a Non-Profit foundation for underprivileged Children in Africa. A truly motivating person with a well grounded and practical approach to life and society.

Sunita Bisht (Marketing Director India)

An ex Indian Army officer, Sunita is a science graduate and has a post graduate certificate in business management from Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Her main fortes are Operations and Project Management. In her services career she had accomplished various projects demonstrating leadership and capability to plan and implement complex tasks, for which she was commended by the Chief of Army Staff. She thrives on challenges and her greatest strengths are a never say die attitude and drive. When not working you can catch her in Squash Court. She is a yoga enthusiast who also loves travelling, trekking and rock climbing.

Vivette Rego (Head HR and Communication)

A Science graduate, Vivette had been actively involved in executive manpower search for top notch sectors in Asia. She has an artistic flair in writing and has been involved with the buildup of cmsGalaxy business.