Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

As a business owner, if you want to advertise your products or services what options do you have? Advertise on television, newspapers, magazines, radio, posters/ landscape advertisements in cinema halls/ malls or maybe sending out fliers in local newspapers.

But how cost effective are these advertising options? Except for sending out fliers, all others are cost prohibitive and most importantly, tracking return on investment for these mediums is pretty difficult.

So we bring you the power of internet. No, we do not sell banners or impressions on websites. What we do is help your business get better recognition by bringing your website on first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or Rediff for popular keyword searches.

How does that help you? It attracts people’s attention at a very key juncture – when they are searching for information on search engines. The process of getting traffic from search engines is called Search Engine Marketing. Getting ranked in natural results of search engines is called Search Engine Optimization whereas buying sponsored advertising on search engines (they are typically on the right hand side of natural search results) is called pay per click advertising. We can help you increase sales/ leads for your business by leveraging successful internet marketing strategies on your website.

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Our seo experts do specialized search engine optimization on the following factors that influence top search engine ranking:

Researching your keywords

Implementing search engine friendly design

Proper Optimization of Title and Header Tag

Easy Navigation

Utilize the Alt tag, Anchor Text and Inbound links properly

Unique and Quality Content

HTML Validation / Error free code

Link Structure / Site Map

SEO has got focus in internet marketing as it is the most cost effective and efficient method of making the online business visible to huge masses of potential visitors searching through search engines. It takes your website from nowhere to top pages so that it can beat the competitors and earn the real advantage of being online and reach millions of visitors online.

At cmsGalaxy, we implement ethical and effective search engine optimization strategies for your website so that it can enjoy top page ranking in Google and other major search engines naturally building on online presence for the site through social media as well.

We are one of the leading SEO Outsourcing Partners in India offering quality SEO services to our offshore clients in UK, US, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France, Canada and all over the world. We excel an expert team of SEO professionals that optimize your website keeping in mind the search engine algorithms and preferences, promote your business brand among social platforms, increase focused traffic to enhance your business sales and ROI.

Why Choose TIS India for SEO services?

Leading SEO Outsourcing Partner

100% Social Ethical Organic Approach

Top page listings for longer

Reach to millions of visitors coming through search engines

Focused and targeted visitors

Unsurpassed Experience

Communication to Clients – Serving Full Assistance

Local Search Optimization

Cost Effective Pricing

Our SEO Services includes

Keyword Research & Analysis

Competitive Analysis

On page optimization

Making Websites SEO Friendly

Link Building

Social Media Marketing

Blog, Classified ad, Forum postings

Article / Press Release promotion

Multi lingual Website Optimization

Dedicated Full time SEO Professionals

Search Engine Optimization and website promotion for any online business begins with proper website optimization. We as a search engine optimization company in India offers SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) that don't use tricks or have secrets we can not share with our clients. We strictly follow search engine guidelines like of Yahoo, MSN and Google web master guidelines for website promotion. We simply analyze the top competitor websites in specific industry and hence does a better website optimization door your web pages that help you to gain increased search rankings. We are an experienced SEO services company in India delivering the highest quality website promotion strategies, link building and search engine placement for Indian market and foreign market. Our SEO Experts research on your website then performs keyword research, editing content, checking pages densities, checking your back links and finding all latest ways for optimizing your website. We write or edit website content and design of your website attracts more and more customers and traffic.

Our Search Engine Optimizations and Submission Plan Involve the following activities

Keyword Suggestion:With your feedback, research related keywords, put them through a detailed competitiveness analysis to find the most targeted terms for which to optimize. We call this "niche marketing" and the benefit is that it helps attract highly targeted traffic to your site --- the kind of traffic that converts to paying customers.

Rank Reporting: cmsGalaxy will check your site's current positions in the major search engines on a periodic basis & find out, how you rank on every keyword or phrase that is important to you (up to 20 Keywords or phrases), on all the major engines. Management report would be provided with valuable information.

Web Site Optimizing: cmsGalaxy will supply expert, custom-tailored advice & optimize your existing web pages. We know many search engine's unique personality and how to build TOP ranking pages for each without spamming or abusing the index.

Web Page Generating:cmsGalaxy will create additional optimized pages based on keywords and content you provide us about your business. This will gives you a head start in heading to the top of the search list. They also act as alternate entrances to your Web site, giving potential visitors more ways to find you. These are not spammed gateway pages, but manually created simple additional web pages.

Content Uploading: cmsGalaxy will also upload all the optimized Web pages we created, changed, or added. We will make sure new chart-climbing pages get uploaded to your Web site.

Scheduling:cmsGalaxy will check your Web site's positions each month. You'll know immediately if a site stays on TOP, falls in rank, or falls out of the index altogether. This allows us to release a new optimized page or re-optimize an existing one before traffic start dropping.

Website Popularity: Your website would be additionally submitted to over 400+ search engines. Having your site listed on as many as possible sites is not only good for more visitors but also good for ranking in major search engines who will check your link popularity on the web. So more the link to your website, the better your ranking will be in these major search engines.

Content Uploading: cmsGalaxy will also upload all the optimized Web pages we created, changed, or added. We will make sure new chart-climbing pages get uploaded to your Website.

cmsGalaxy search engine optimization strategy is designed to increase the overall traffic to your website. Our process involves the following crucial steps:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Online Promotion Consulting

A detailed study of past rankings of your website in various search engines

Help to understand the existing website with respect to Top Search Engine Ranking

Potentiality of the website in achieving the Google Top 10 Ranking

Defining future goals in search engine marketing

Create an action plan for the search engine optimization

Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization cover

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Listing

Designing primarily content for top search engine ranking

Apart from search engine optimization we also offer

Effective banner buying & production of eye-catching banner creative

Advertising space selling strategy

Conversion, Retention, Repeat Visit strategy and ROI Tracking

Website Promotion & SEO Services During the last few years Internet Marketing has become the biggest marketplace. People use the net whenever they are looking for something. On an average, 80% of the traffic your site generates from Search Engines and Directories.

The best of the websites fail to create the desired impact for the sole reason that it fails to attract the required attention.

The need of Web Promotion/Website Marketing Services has become acute in the past few years. If no one can find your site then your hard work and money spent creating the site is in vain.

cmsGalaxy- Website Promotion Company India offer web promotion services for your website in such a way that it gets maximum benefit for your business. To put it simply, we help you get noticed as we have the experience and expert SEO's in India (Search Engine Optimizers) who will help you to achieve top 10 ranking in major search engines and directories. We can work with you to identify your goals, where you want to see your site at search engines. We work out requirements for that and work in that direction until we achieve our goal for your site.

We have best SEO's in India who can offer you website promotion services India , search engine optimization and website marketing services so that you website can reach to top 10 ranking in search engines.

cmsGalaxy offers ethical search engine marketing solutions to help you promote your businesses in the major search engines.

Website Optimization

In order to achieve a top position, it is necessary to make a web page for each keyword and for each search engine. This page, optimization for each search engine separately, will then achieve a high position in the search engine results.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the process of publishing your website within the search engines. There are many and varied types of search engines that all evaluate a website in their own unique way. Optimizing a website to perform within the search engines, is the only method to achieve high rankings.

Link Exchange/Advertising

Let us help increase your link popularity to drive the search engines to your site and increase your overall rankings in the major search engines.

Pay Per Click

We can professionally manage your pay per click (PPC) campaigns to increase your sales and decrease your advertising costs.

E-mail Marketing

We offer you a unique opportunity to reach out to the desktop of your potential customers in form of strategically designed and single click, easy to respond email messages.

after establishing the project a business must define how it is going to market its web site. One of the biggest fallacies in establishing a web site is the notion that, "if you build it, they will come." It takes continued promotions, both off and on-line, to build any meaningful traffic to a site. We have special package for maintenance of web site on regular basis in addition to web promotional packages We believe that our balanced approach in these three areas ensures that our clients' sites do not become lost in the abyss of the on-line world.

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